Final Fantasy XV:Episode Duscae Demo Review Part III

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I went to see Cindy for a change
Noct who can't look her(Cindy) in the eyes. A staff said he was that way with Stella. Noct is a shy boy when he is in front of a girl.
Meanwhile, Gradio was hit on Cindy. He dumped, though lol
(You were beaten to it, Mr Playboy X33)

If you eat a Beef Stew before going to cave and add a buff, then I think you will not struggle like a trailer :)
Prompto chased it alone when he noticed something.
 Apparently he have encountered there to big snakes, and is beside himself.

(According to Wikia, Prompto feels inferior to his friends but wishes to be useful. That is why, I guess he chased it alone.)

Goblins have attacked us, but he(Prompto) is still screaming lol He seems can't stand reptiles.

What I found in the heart of cave was Ramuh!!
(Aha. It means beat the Behemoth with the use of it. Have at you!)

To Be Continued...

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