FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades・Collection

Ahhh Version 1.1.0 Update was not so hyped at all... Only opened a Multiplayer Timed Quest... (so stingy ^^...)
For now, we're only able to wish sincerely that Kingsglaive will help Noct, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto smoothly go through Duscae Territory of Lucis then into The Empire of Niflheim as next update main story (Of course Square Enix must to do it! How can it be so easy to go there from Hammerhead because they just say "Let's go!"? Don't treat me as 3-year-old kid.).
So yeah, please enjoy my Snapshots of Kingsglaive journey and look forward to next update. - Jesse

Personal Exclusive Version OP・FINAL FANTASY XV:Comrades GMV

 FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades・Personal Exclusive Version OP Fan Made GMV

 Music & Images Edited by personasnowvilliers & personaapollo Of Persona Group

 FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades Gameplay & Original Characters Created by personaapollo

With AI 戦友

BFF Kenny Crow

Comrades 戦友


The Journey Of Growth

The Last Stand

Unmerciful Trial

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Snow's Religion!!!

Battle Theme

Enamoured Masturbation Theme

Infinite Lustful Blazing Semen・Immortal Promise Of The Wolves

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