FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades・Review

This time, the post writer was me and Archer edited. The whole Comrades gameplay, 90% I played with AI mode. (Online play need to pay, so...) Anyway, thanks to who helped me went through those difficult defense missions (Basically I'm "only can offense" type player XD). When you start to play Comrades, I'm sure that you'll very easy to get into the plot as you completed FFXV main story and watched Kingsglaive the movie.

In my case, included chracters and weapons create I spend around 90 hours to complete Comrades gameplay (I was unaware that I created my main character has 100% exactly the same identical appearance with a guy in my real life. I'm serious. Same tall, handsome and hot... (꒪⌓꒪) horror subconscious alert... I never let him know anyway.).

For the first, we need to create our own unique character of course. The advice I only give you is to seriously create them with your heart.

After you get rescued by Libertus and Cor then enter Lestallum, the game will begin. Roughly the game was very traditional ARPG (Here I have to say, don't think its content just like the other 2-hours DLCs and then underestimate it. You'll cry.).

This gameplay no need special notes but useful weapons. During Level 1 ~ 5, may need to work hard playing and saving any items as possible as you can, once you have enough items then you can to create powerful weapons (Note the weapon ability chart, some owned mutant power weapons look like very weak.).

When the game goes to some specific parts, each city will has an established group ask you to make a choice for a leader. Sincerely suggest you choose the member who can to offer you items as the leader (Especially while choose Cauthess Depot leader).

For the each Mobhunt mission, I won't spoiler too much. I only can say that's awesome! I especially grateful Kenny Crow. He always help me in some difficult missions. My main character - AJ and Kenny Crow will be BFF!

Don't need to listen too much about critic reviews. Put your feelings into it and cleanse the sin once Kingsglaive did. I guarantee you'll be touched so much as one member of Kingsglaive about the storyline in the game. Also I'm pretty sure that the ending will surely touch you when you see your virtual avatar partake in the show. And you'll feel priceless while Noct, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto talk about you in the secret ending scene. Sincerely recommend you play it!

Since Season Pass DLCs released I always failed to 100% complete gameplay (Even if Moumuu sensei carefully teached me how to get the Trophies... but I'm so sorry that you get a stupid student like me (´=ω=`) But I will continue to 100% complete all DLCs, wait for me, Moumuu sensei (´T⌓T`)), I'm so glad to 100% complete this one!
Last, enjoy my personal result of Comrades gameplay GMV So exciting for Version 1.1.0 Update what will be change now? - Jesse

Personal Exclusive Version OP・FINAL FANTASY XV:Comrades GMV

 FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades・Personal Exclusive Version OP Fan Made GMV

 Music & Images Edited by personasnowvilliers & personaapollo Of Persona Group

 FINAL FANTASY XV:Multiplayer Expansion Comrades Gameplay & Original Characters Created by personaapollo

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