Resident Evil:Zero・Being Alive / Billy Coen's Top Secret Events


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So, you seem to know me. Been fantasizing about me, have you?
- Billy Coen -

Resident Evil:Zero・Being Alive / Billy Coen Top Secret Events, it's combined with another 3d animator named Pipedude that we never know who he is...
Long ago, one of group member had contacted him once. She gave us the assessment about him was: "Piperdude Pipedude is a horror temper weirdo ptfff!".

... ... ...
I don't know what happened, but I can only say that we can't expect everyone owned the same quality as Lazn, Derek or Volt al etc. lol
Varies greatly, that's Pipedude's works gave me the feeling... Maybe he accurately reflected his moods into the works?
Anyway, we did try our best to modify each scene reached equal quality with cinematic clips.

About Resident Evil:Zero・Being Alive / Billy Coen's Top Secret Events itself, we're very excited that we can finally create a Billy Coen alternate ending! Although we edited this works as a fan made cinematic trailer, but it would perfectly continue to Chris Redfield Biohazard story.
Billy Coen is always my favorite Resident Evil series character. I feel very lucky that I finally can use him to create my own ideal story.

Resident Evil:Zero
Being Alive
Billy Coen's Top Secret Events

Password Lone Wolf Billy Coen

Resident Evil Series

Cinematic Trailer Edition

Pipedude's Resident Evil:Zero・Being Alive / Billy Coen's Top Secret Events
(Feat Volt Krueger)

Rebecca Chambers:
Officially, Lt. Billy Coen is dead.

Billy Coen:
Yeah, I'm just a zombie now.

ビデオマッチドサードパーティコンテンツ Volt Krueger Gerd500

Resident Evil:Zero・Being Alive / Billy Coen's Top Secret Events is our Resident Evil Trilogy the 3rd also last one project.
It included Resident EvilThe Villains, Resident EvilThe Last Stand two PEGI 16 cinematic trailer works and then this one.
Of course, our Trilogy project last one still is PEGI 18 as usual. We also put this works into a Trilogy, included Billy Coen, Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy 3 parts.
After 3 years, finally we're close to complete this project!
Now we're very glad the 1st part Billy Coen published.

- Persona Group Plus -


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