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Finally our Jurassic World project completed! From Unity・Velociraptor's Requiem to Apatosaurus' Memories total 5 videos in 1 pack!
I guarantee you'll love this series totally!!!
Ever since I first time recognized Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Mamenchisaurus etc. these beautiful creatures always are vividly alive in my heart and never be ceased.
I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to create the epic film series FMV.
Without further ado, let's enjoy!

Chapter 1
Unity・Velociraptor's Requiem

Chapter 2
Birds!・Kill 'em All!!!

Render by maspix

Chapter 2・1

Chapter 2・2
Kill 'em All!!!

Chapter Finale
Apatosaurus' Memories

Jurassic World:Apatosaurus' Memories / ジュラシックワールド:アパトサウルスの思い出 / 侏羅紀世界:迷惑龍的回憶

A FMV Project by personaapollo & personasnowvilliers

Music & Sound effects Revision by personasnowvilliers

Music Source Tomáš Oliva

It's worth mentioning that Final Chapter - Apatosaurus' Memories contains a Metaphor for Life also the most heartbroken and unforgettable.
Ever since be born and live alone in the Park, the baby Apatosaurus felt her most happiness moments was listening children's laughter and their warmth embrace.
In her final moments, the Apatosaurus with her friends finally reunited again, and together happiness forever.
Even the reality is so cruel...

Render by urbnvampslayer

Post by Jesse

Render by maspix

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