The End Of Dreams


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The End Of Dreams was found by a very accidental chance. It created by a Chinese work team called HANA Studio. It should be a very famous NSFW RPG as I researched the game's related information (because of all Chinese words... *sweat*) while I was playing.

The world view of the game was a very logical setting and the story really was tense, so it made me annoyed at adult CG scenes sometimes and always let me ignored those scenes (speeding up click) and kept to play lol

Fighting with colorful enemies is always a great pleasure in RPG games. Personal thoughts, the lack of exquisite design of the enemy is a big failure in the game (That's why my gameplay enemies were very privately-owned different as only for entertain myself).

Anyway, it's free and worthy play of traditional RPG! If you interested, welcome to download.

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In Memories...

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