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Constantine is coming!!!
hahaha guys! NBC new fall tv show on fridays! the premiere trailer was really cool! Overall style seems more closer to original works than the movie version.
Be honesty, Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz versions still are my favorite Constantine characters though, but I really need fresh air like this hahaha
OK! Let's look forward to it!

- Aetos -

When An Ancient Evil Rises
Only One Man
Can Send It

Constantine's mother died in childbirth when he was born. It caused he always wanted to meet with his mother, so self study these strange spells. Although he tried very hard, but ultimately failed to see his mother...

The girl - Liv who works in the car rental shop, her dead father - Jasper met with Constantine before, Constantine had promised Jasper will protect her.
Constantine and Liv,
with the intersection of the two had started, due to Liv found herself being chased by unknown terrible things...

John Constantine for some unbearable memories of the past... Once he helplessly to see a little girl being dragged into hell by a demon, and couldn't come to the rescue. His deep sense of guilt made ​​him willing to psychiatric treatment.

Angel Manny instructed to enlighten Constantine and give timely help to avoid letting his soul fall into hell, but Constantine hates angels so he didn't appreciate it...

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John Constantine

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