Snow Villiers Returns Final Fantasy XIII Heart Of Gold

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i like purely, neatly and straightly show feelings works. this also is my impressions about my noel's editing works. after watch our combo works then ur brain would continue to echo our work's images and music... haha thats why i only wanna do my noel's dedicated background music editor! Heart Of Gold is a very improvisational works. anyway the images director guy, aetos always know well how to spoiler... carefully taste the sadness of a man burdened! enjoy! hahaha

Snow Villiers Heart Of Gold Edition 

スノウ・ヴィリアース ゴールドの心 エディション 

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a taste of listening to Pre Soundtrack

What Were You Fighting For? Noel...

Pre Soundtrack BGM 04

What Do You See? Snow...

Pre Soundtrack BGM 05

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BGM from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Pre Soundtrack 04 & 05
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