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In The World Of Your Dreams, You Are King.

Have been a long time no write a game review post! We're very grateful for Moumuu san assisted in the completion. (She is the best! ✌)
From the free demo - Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo clearly know that not only the main game owned the highly entertaining itself but also inserting additional story episodes wait for revealed!
I never doubt Carbuncle maybe hinting there are more app or DLC would debut with Final Fantasy XV lol
OK! Now let's enjoy Moumuu san tell us more details! - Archer -

I played Platinum Demo FFXV.

Young Noct was attacked by a monster, and then he fell into a coma.
This is a story that young Noct has an adventure with Carbuncle in his dream.

The basic battle, the physics simulation, the weather change and the textures which change depending on weather conditions can be enjoyed.
The new weapon changes system has become easier to use!

I go through a corridor and came across familiar sight...
OMG. This is the front of Lusis castle!

And Iron Giant!

Aaaaaaaaaargh, this is exactly the sight of TGS 2013 Trailer...!

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2013 Japanese Trailer

It was the most excited moment! It was also the moment I became a Tabata believer lol
After changing from young Noct into adult Noct, Fire, Warp, Point Warp and Counter have opened!

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Best Clip

First of all, I tried Fire! X3
The elemental magic is consumable items. Noct used Fire like grenades of FPS games. What the hell is this!? lol
It was a little hard because I have no sense of distance lol

The dodge/parry is really cool as ever. I have an impression that the most fun part of FFXV is the dodge/parry. It has many variations, and the motions are so cool!
In the old demo, I had the most fun when I surrounded by Magitek Infantries.

The damage of Warp Strike depend on warp points.
By using Warp Strike from the highest point, the damage increased sevenfold!
It is going to be a very useful skill in the full game :)

Behind The Gameplay Scenes
I obtained Cross Shuriken and Hero's Shield! Sasuke! lool
Since I obtained Cross Shuriken, the battle got more and more interesting!

Is this great or what! o_O  (Iron Giant gameplay by Hewf)
This Noct is completely different from my Noct lol Awesome!

I encountered the bug which Noct does not fall down while I was using Cross Shuriken.

When I was watching the city from the air, I found the Japanese sign! It seems that the sign says “Odine AirCon”... Doc Odine? :o.

My playing video (〃ノωノ ) Platinum Demo FFXV Iron Giant No damage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CwZU71NFC8 I'll keep trying for a while!

Platinum Demo FFXV Iron Giant No damage with Cross Shuriken and Hero's Shield

 Article by Moumuu
 Posted by Archer
 Gifs and videos collected by Jake, Harlock and Yama with Snorre

When I saw Carbuncle was hit by Iron Giant that my first thought was - What the fuck evil game again!? Why so brave and kawaii baby Carbuncle have to die!? But... fufufu It's pretty cool after all (─‿‿─) Hope Noct will keep in touch with kawaii Carbuncle. Do NOT because you are grown up and forget that he used his courage and life to protect you. - Jesse -

Pre-order the game! Guys, look into Carbuncle's lonely eyes, staring the blue sky and keeping waiting in the wind... Don't disappointing him, ok? - Jas -

 Moumuu and Ippo

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