Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part V Follow-Up

3rd Timed Quest debuted earlier today! This time is our group favorite mascot - Dread Behemoth! Yahooo No more magic tricks or crap items, only muscle for the win! アタック! アタック! アタック!は戦士 ♪ LOL

After completed 2nd Timed Quest, it's time to move on for the next task. Before that, we're glad to let Noct and his menfolks take a break in Lestallum and also spend leisure moment go to other cities shopping next traveling needs.

I recommended Hammerhead as the stronghold for completing 3rd Timed Quest. During trip round between 3rd task location and Hammerhead, we can still have the chance to challenge Angelus for Magitek Suit V2 on the road.

Until the night falls, if you never camped (Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead Tour) in Hammerhead area, not only can prepare elevating Strength and HP food but also enjoy Prompto and Cidney funny event here.  (Cidney snapshot by Gian)

Moreover, there is a highest rank Mobhunt task in Hammerhead also wait for you to complete. (Adamantoise snapshot by Gian)

And finally face Dread Behemoth moment comes... for here, overall Hammerhead tasks not many though, but spent completing time wouldn't less than the previous one. Well then, sincerely wish you have a good fight! The reward really worth lol

Final Fantasy XVEpisode Gladio Gameplay・PAX Trailer

 Look Forward To 28th March...

Dread Behemoth Timed Quest Platinum Snapshots Pack



In Camp: Crown City Roast.

Useful Items: Hi-Elixir, Power EX, Muscle Stimulant and Phoenix Down.

Equip one magic to offset Dread Behemoth's environmental control power (No need powerful magic, unless planned to earn Extra Exp). E.g. Fire Elemental x 1 ➞ Fire.

Be nice to Dread Behemoth.

Dread Behemoth Timed Quest Snapshots Pack

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Finally defeat Dread Behemoth... For now, let our warriors rest for a while and ready to face new challenges.

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