ZOOTOPIA:Too Shy, Too Shy, Too Hunky ♥

First of all, we're really happy Zootopia project get high video views so we made this double version project to express our gratitude.
On the content, we not only added an amazing artist - Anhes' works but also reshaped the whole Tiger Dancers clips into a dance group solo opening show! (the all scenes remade really killed us lol)

Overall, we're really satisfied for the results as we learnt more useful edit coverage skills and modified skills of animated finished products. (after you watch the works, you'll know what I mean as how we changed Gazelle feat Tiger Dancers concert into Tiger Dancers solo show.)
I have to say that we're so exhausted after finished this project, since we began to learn how to edit video for a long time did not come across such a difficult editing process. A million thanks to Jesse san worked with me lol 御苦勞樣でした Also Snorre and Aetos gave us this vivid background music. Alright, no more words, just enjoy lol - Jas

Take 1

ZOOTOPIAToo Shy, Too Shy, Too Hunky
Nick Cameo Version

Take 2

ZOOTOPIAToo Shy, Too Shy, Too Hunky
Judy Cameo Version

 A fan made FMV
 ZOOTOPIA:Too Shy, Too Shy, Too Hunky

 Images Contents Edited by Persona Group Plus

 Background Music Remixed by personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

 Original Music Too Shy Shy Boy by Arisa Mizuki / 観月ありさ

 Matched Third Party Content Anhes https://www.patreon.com/anhes (NSFW 注意)

 Posted by Archer

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