Sing:Rosita Wannabe・Shopping Lover ♥

After Zootopia, personally thought animal animated films won't be so easy touched audience's heart anymore. Looking at a whole, regardless of release timing or creativities Disney really gained an advantage.
Even if animated movies just entering the Warring States period, no matter who wins, the audience are the true benefiting big winner from beginning to end lol
Anyway, there still are some impressive upcoming animated movies while watched those released trailers.
In personal expecting list, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing that should be the next focus of attention.

On fun and inspirational and creative and realistic fully inclusive and equitable quality, here I introduce  - Sing (as far as I heard it at least will be featured more than 80 popular songs that's enough got my attention lol). In fact, Disney's Zootopia characters design obviously has slightly better. But Sing still is an upcoming movie, so I won't narrated other personal perception. Also it's not the discuss theme here lol

Sing:Rosita Wannabe・Shopping Lover is Group latest project for the animated - Sing, also added a bonus track - Sing:Rosita's Wish・Shopping Dancing Edition.
And yep, Sing:Rosita Wannabe・Shopping Lover is a fan made trailer. From A to Z, totally thorough edited!!! It just makes audience totally can NOT feel any while you're watching!!! Music and sound effects also perfectly matched image editing work. So do not think editors had being lazy. That's completely Fake trailer works, because Fake too serious to let you completely UNABLE to recognize it's Fake. So you SUCKS if you watched and thought this is simply a stolen official trailer.
Last, Fuck you who gave my Noel this new video a dislike! It just uploaded after 23 seconds and you even NO watch it a bit! Yeah, FUCK you, loser! hahaha - Snorre -
... Enjoy - Archer -

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SingRosita's Wish・Shopping Dancing Edition

SingRosita WannabeShopping Lover

Sing:Rosita Wannabe・Shopping Lover

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 A fan made AMV Sing:Rosita Wannabe・Shopping Lover ♥ / シング:ロジータ 参上! / 歡樂好聲音:超市教主

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