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FINAL FANTASY XIIIAWAKEN・RPG is Plus team first time attempted to create different from all previous projects.
The game's storyline continues from FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・Prologue as the timeline has been set between ERRORS and Snow's Religion!!! of our Snoel series.

In The Seaside City of Bodhum, since Caius brake Mating Historia Crux crucial moments of Snow guys and Noel's, The Brown-haired Juvenile how to brings his all pieces of memory and his Blond-haired Hunks back?

Of course, from the game Opening MV and Cutscenes to gameplay and battle system and so on,  the complete game content has been set to PEGI 18.

Ambiguous amour between Ifrit and Noel is the focus of the first chapter of the game! (That also is my favorite pairing in the series lol)

Searching and Defeating Snow Shape Demons then collecting pieces of Memoir from Snow Villiers' Journals is this Chapter important task. (For Summon, Magic, Special Skills, Special Equips and Items, etc. ,we really spent a lot of time to learn how to write the programs... *sweats*)

Different choices will have extremely different event differences over the story.
After fall back to The Dying World, Noel's Ecstasy Adventure is just beginning!

The Chapter last battle completely bring the most exciting climax to us. We also set the choice for the game player partner.

Aww almost complete this Chapter of RPG!
For a very private single player type games, we're so excited because we can finally own the type of dreams!
And the most important thing is, in the privately personal entertaining secondary creation field that we've learnt new things here.
FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG will publish on next Weekend! Cheers

The RPG is out now...

Download Link

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Snow's Religion!!!

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