Introduce A Beautiful Theme Song:CHAOS RINGS III(ケイオスリングスIII)主題歌イメージムービー

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ケイオスリングスIII 主題歌イメージムービー

In TGS 2014, Square Enix released Chaos Rings III official theme song trailer.
This is a very beautiful and emotional song, Square Enix also released information about Final Fantasy XV 2015 demo (Not TGS2014 8 minutes that one) at the same time.
By far we got information about Final Fantasy XV is still very lacking... However we really look forward to its release date so much!
For now, let's temporarily enjoy this beautiful song and prospect the games come out! (Thanks for Moumuu's info! You ROCK lol) See you next project!

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 Final Fantasy XV
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