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Yeah! this time, Square Enix released more characters of Final Fantasy XIII series debut!
In addition to introduced Caius and Yeul, also described more about Noel's background details!
Furthermore, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII OST really is amazing! We specially recommended Yusnaan theme!!! Totally awesome lol
OK! check it out!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII OST Yusnaan Theme

Snow's Yusnaan Edition

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New Locations

Temple of Etro, Fused with Wildlands

In the Wildlands, there is standing the Academia ruins...


Emissary of Chaos that has Appeared Again, Caius Ballad

再び現れた混沌の使者 カイアス

If you want my Soul, just Scoop Out and take it, Liberator



A hereditary Etro's blessing of curse miko, Paddra Nsu-Yeul

エトロの祝福で呪われた者 ユール

Because of Chaos is overflowing after Caius and Noel's fighting, Yeul was freed from the fate of reincarnation.


Yeul entrusts Lightning to rescue Caius... Lightning wonder that she should to do that?


Murder Events a Frequent Occurrence in the city of light - Lexerion


Lightning chase murder truth in the Lexerion, also found that the group of white garments called - Etro believers is involved in the incident. 
Believers seem to think that the Savior will not improve anything...


Lightning was a knight of the goddess Etro once, But now, she was chosen to be a liberator by the supreme God Buniberzei...


Those papers which scattered on the ground by the murderer of events, their contents was intended to imply a battle of Noel and Lightning...


Fierce battle with former comrade in arms!

During Lightning fell asleep in the approximately 500 years, Snow and Noel's appearance have completely changed.
They have been fighting to save the world. But now, their souls will be released now. They already become the prey of the souls hunter, the Savior - Lightning...
Snow and Noel are throughout its innumerable battles warriors, Their battles are going to be fierce...


Noel Kreiss / ノエル・クライス

Dark Hunter of the Guilt, Noel

罪悪感に苛まれる闇の狩人 ノエル

"Kill you, to realize a future which was predicted"


Noel continues to blame himself because he led the collapse of the world.
From guilt that can not be wiped, he is now lurking in the crowd and engaged community policing actions.
He is feared by the people of Lexerion as the Dark Hunter.
Currently Noel, hiding in the filled with heretics and criminals of the city.
The walls of his hideout, it can be seen the eerie blood character.


Noel raised his sword to confront Lightning who knew lightning will appear in the future visions already housed by the Book of Prophecy.


Noel's attack means with a lot of additional effects of the abnormal states. Need more careful than usually fighting.


Noel called Lightning as a monster, he shows a relentless assault in the battle.


Snow Villiers / スノウ・ヴィリアース

As we introduced before, Snow kept the promise and has continued to protect the world with the great power of l'Cie. 
But lost Serah makes his heart is shrouded in despair... Finally, the fate of l'Cie, crystallize or become Cieth of signs had appeared.


Snow's battle style as a fighter just like before, but the blow is very heavy with power of Chaos. Precise guard would be required.


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just let's look forward to TGS, if Square Enix would bring more awesome informations to us! lol
See you soon!

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