FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN is an upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Snoel Series Adult Fanfiction theme MV. Called it as the most original secondary creation that really is not an exaggeration.
After FFXIII Snoel Season One works, the storyline was already gradually get rid of the original video game story category and entered the more fascinating creative space.
This time in the upcoming final Snoel project, Plus Team will perfectly present their original series most complete ins and outs.

The most worth mentioning is that Group Animator - Gian, his first formal participation in Group's project already have a very dazzling performance. It makes us even more to look forward to his subsequent creations.

FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN also is our Tag plus Channel Featuring Video. No doubt it's definitely a supreme and tremendous fandom works in 2017. Not to mention the following Fanfiction will 100% blow audience mind away.

Since 2012 to 2013, after Sleeping Beauty, Tearing Heart and MIRRORS, we already have a long time no making Channel Featuring Video. Awaken surely is an extraordinary masterpiece! Said here, a little bit of regret is that we'll only publish the 720p Subtitled version. The 1080p Creditless version only Group members can own...
... ... ...
Yay lol

As I know, Awaken public edition was an incomplete adult version that had excluded half of the content and then the editing was done. Still, the viewers will have a glimpse Noel's Ultimate Ecstasy Of The Future from The Oracle Drive.
So, after Snoel Series already has ended, Plus Team will give us what the inside story of Noel and his Snow guys? I've the highest expectation for its adult full version video and Fanfiction! lol Let's look forward to it out! 🤘 - Archer



 Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group

 Animated Clips by Persona Group Animator / Gian

 Theme Song: The Race Is Still Alive (c) Evan Frankfort & James Grundler / The Spiritual Machines

 MMD Clips by ConflictLuka

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