Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust Requiem

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Yeah! Our Group the third anime project published!
Amano Yoshitaka + Kikuchi Hideyuki, their creations are really epic and amazing! Vampire Hunter D is definitely the classic of classics!
The birth of the project was funny lol
One day, our editor - Jesse suddenly came out an never exist music melody in head, and considered it's a background music which appeared in an epic scenes from Vampire Hunter D.
Of course, the results can be imagined...
Tremendous find a few days still no shaking off a mark... Poor Snorre man lol
In the end as we see, our hero Snorre put together into a project background music by virtue of editor tone deaf performance. Really Cool! (Be honesty, I wasn't expecting that! lol)
An epic anime worth pondering again and again - Vampire Hunter D!
Ok, without further ado, let's enjoy!

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personaapollo &
Chris(Harlock) & Piers(Yama) of Persona Group 2nd corps members 

Sound Effects & Background Music Mashup 
Jack of Persona Group 2nd corps members 

Music Source
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Persona Group 1st corps members are 
Snorre  & Jesse 
 Jacinthe & Aetos 
and  Archer 

Persona Group 2nd corps members are
Jake & Sherry
Harlock & Yama
and Edward

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Post written by Archer

吸血鬼ハンター"D"』(バンパイアハンター・ディー / 英語: Vampire Hunter D)は、菊地秀行の小説(朝日新聞出版刊。かつては朝日ソノラマ刊)。OVA化、アニメ映画化、テレビゲーム化、漫画化もされた。また2000年公開のアニメ映画『Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust』が契機となり現在は海外で翻訳出版もされている。