First Trivial Project:A Tribute works to Persona Group World Blog Haters

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so, it's very straightly and clearly given the messages to those wailing fuckers (or they never have their own brains) who had ignoring the blog mature content warning notification and directly enter here then complain our works but never show the slightest abilities and talents by themselves! 
specially those youtube haters (For Example: Riketz), response with you scums is simply a waste of our time and life! 
everything is only your own disgusting and ugly behavior mess up your own themselves, we simply never put you in our eyesight! 
group guy members specially for you! 
now, just leave my girls alone! shut up and swallow then go fuck yourself, haters! 
last, for visitors who always like our works, this one was bloody and rude a bit, Rob Zombie x Skrillex let innuendo meaning was totally cool, enjoy! hahaha 

post by Snorre

特別にそれらのYouTubeの嫌悪症のユーザー (例: Riketz)、あなたとの応答は私たちの時間と人生の無駄です!
Rob Zombie x Skrillex 彼らは、ほのめかしの意味が完全にクールだったしましょう。(笑)

 訳者: シェリー 

這個作品的訊息,很明顯的是給-不喜歡我們的作品卻無視於部落格政策的警語頁面,闖入後又抱怨連連的壞人! >:0
由其是來自於YouTube邪惡的一方! (這個是最壞的:Riketz) >:( 
我們不做任何回應! 因為你們是不喜歡我們的作品的壞人! >:0 
(我中文能力有限...大概我們想表達的意思是這樣吧(?)... ) 
其實... 這個作品很有趣... 
喜歡我們的作品的好人也可以享受一下其中幽默的隱喻! :D 
只是有點粗暴... XD 

譯: Noel Kreiss

Anche se questo è un video tributo a quei nemici, ma è ancora un video musicale molto interessante. lol
Non possiamo obbligare la gente a come le nostre opere, ma si prega di rispettare la nostra creatività! 
Questo è tutto quello che voglio dire ...

Hope Estheim

1. Прежде чем войти, пожалуйста, обратите внимание на предупреждающие знаки. 
2. Мы не можем заставить людей любить нашу работу, но, пожалуйста, уважайте наш творческий! 

Edward Kenway 

A tribute works for Persona Group World Blog haters
Created by Persona Group Guy members 

Images, Background Music & Sound Effects Editors: 
and Jake / Chris / Piers / Edward 

Images combination DeviantART Artists: 
killenstein666 / WhoppingSpider / timpossiblexxi / VincentXyooj / sumirehaikuxna 

Renderer SumireHaikuXNA

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