Spoiler Storm Trilogy I The Future still Exist... I'll be Here Waiting for You...

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Our favorite 2 part stories of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - Noel's Promise of Light and Snow's Determination!

We also recorded the best cutscenes of Snow!
From Hope made a plan to let Lightning enter Yusnaan palace, into Snow showed the determination of death to keep his promise to protect Yusnaan.

(Noel part also being prepared ...)

I... I had incur the world collapse... But Snow never blame to me. Hope also stand tall to fight with Chaos. I fight together with them of course.
Just the world still is going to end because of me...
- Noel Kreiss -

Yusnaan palace has exist a huge Chaos flow which I have been to suppress it.
But it's my limit now. I'll use my whole power to swallow all of it and keep Yusnaan safe.
Just only one thing left... Finish me when I become a Cie'th...
- Snow Villiers -

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Opening Movie
Confronts The Savior Arrival

My first task is to release your suffering soul... Snow. - Lightning -

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Promise of Light

Yeah... I have discarded humanity, maybe I'm not human being anymore. But You're not, Noel... The Future of the Light still exist. - Lightning -

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Snow's Determination and Lightning's Flame Dance

I also want to save you... Snow, but there is no way for me... If Serah here, she must have a way to save you... - Lightning -

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