Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!!


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Jurassic WorldBirds!Kill 'em All!!!

Movie Review Edition

Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!! / ジュラシックワールド:鳥!・皆殺し!!! / 侏羅紀世界:鳥!・大屠殺!!!

A FMV Project by personaapollo personasnowvilliers personacyparissus & personahyacinth

Music & Sound effects Revision by personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Music Source Tomáš Oliva & Ron Morina

Jurassic WorldBirds!

Movie Review Edition

Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!! Short Version I

Jurassic WorldKill 'em All!!!

Movie Review Edition

Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!! Short Version II

Jurassic WorldUnityVelociraptor's Requiem
HD Version

Movie Review Edition

Jurassic World:Unity・Velociraptor's Requiem HD Version

Jurassic World 2nd project published!
After 1st project of experimental works, Editors very quickly grasp the movie's rhythm and essence.
Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!! main editors are group old team - personaapollo and personasnowvilliers!
It's very easy found out after watching Jurassic World:Birds!・Kill 'em All!!! is more bigger than Velociraptor's Requiem.
Breathtaking Magnificent! That's all I can think about. High quality clips and background music editing totally upgrade to a new level.
If you have not seen Jurassic world, but after watching our works still not cause your motivation... Dude... I have to say that you have problems lol
And it's worth mentioning that, this works additional another two short versions by personacyparissus and personahyacinth.
I guarantee that will make people have to collect all versions of desire lol
Okay, Check it out!

Post by Archer

Jurassic World:Unity・Velociraptor's Requiem

Jurassic World

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