DmC Devil May Cry 12th works:Locked Within Demons

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DmC Devil May Cry release date is more and more close...
regardless of the achievements and results of this game will be how to develop, i am absolutely certain that Ninja Theory & Capcom pay a lot of efforts for innovation and change!
whether commercial promotion or game designs that you like or not, they do show an open mind and listen to the opinions of the fans.
with Square Enix, if you compare the latter... i really unable to accept Square Enix's fucking haughty attitude!
... i finally spit it out! lol
this CG trailer still is co-edited by my star - jesse and me!
when we work in the production process that's always my best moments!

DmC Devil May Cry CG Trailer Extended Edition Locked Within Demons 

personaapollo & personahyacinth
Sherry / member of Persona Group 2nd corps 

Backgroundmusic Mashup & Sound Effects by
& Jake / member of Persona Group 2nd corps

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 Jacinthe & Aetos 
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