Grateful to Moumuu for her Beautiful Happy Birthday Drawing Gift

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Moumuu: To +Serah Farron . .:.+.*
H a p p y  B i r t h d a i e d !! Sorry I'm late! Always thank you for fun times! Hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and good :)

Serah & Moogle from FFXIII-2
Program : #GIMP
The first idea : http://goo.gl/0nnylt

I dismissed it cuz it can hardly be said it is the happy image ( ; ˘▿˘)

Moumuu's drawing

Remember I had introduced our dear video maker friend Moumuu before?
This time, I have to say that I'm stunning for her another talent - drawing! lol
I'm really honored to be friends with a great video creator but also an artist! wow!
Really thanks for her amazing birthday gift for our Group Editor - Jas!
It's really a surprise lol because members birthdays always privately celebrated each other, this was the first time to get public congratulations from foreign friend!
Thank you! Thank you so much! Moumuu san!

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