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 In  Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII opening gameplay forum, we can preview about Snow, Lumina, Lightning and Hope etc. each role orientation. 
From the game cinematic opening that we already watched magnificent battle of Snow versus Lightning in Yusnaan. And then gameplay also start from here. 
Paradox acts Lumina, Hope's turn back time by God's plan, all mysteries need to be solved one by one. 

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Opening Movie
Confronts The Savior Arrival

Lightning's first mission is - release Snow's suffering soul. But she failed...
We look forward to Yusnaan gameplay so much! So we combined a works with cutscenes, Yusnaan concept arts & streetscape browsing edition works. Also wish that Lightning will succeed save Snow's soul soon!

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII YUSNAAN

The works content includes:
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII opening mission gameplay cutscenes
Yusnaan concept arts & streetscape browsing edition

It's no wonder...
Lost faith and hope, for centuries still live alone.
 In addition, the world is about to perish.
If the change is for ordinary people that already cannot tolerate long gone...

Snow's heart already had broken, that's what you mean?

I don't want to think in this way...


Because of me, cause Serah's death. I could feel that he's deeply painful...

In order to protect the safety of Lightning, Hope stressed the importance of the Savior and persuading her to give up perform the task...

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