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FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG finally is published! After the Demo has been several tests, we hope the whole gameplay will have minimize errors.
First of all, we really have no any experience about create RPG so we're only able to try our best to show our strengths.

 OP Anomator:Gian Luke of Persona Group with Derek P. N.

Created the RPG just because we're eager to own the game type of dreams,
so basically we only wanna have fun while playing. Well, if you're KO in our game... then... you're sucks (kidding) lol

Okay! After following below tips to play the game, I'm sure that you'll have a lot of fun!

Special Skill:Melee Fighting

Melee Fighting really was the most used by played the game demo of members. The Battle Skills designer had very interesting settings in the game. Some Special Skills are very useful but only for Bosses(?) lol


Not like usual games, we set Guard as owned boosting TP effect, when TP value not enough to display Special Skills we only need to do it.

Key Items

Always use the Key Items after you got them. It's the most useful helping us to complete the game.

Magic:Hybridized Mating Seal

In this Chapter battle option category settings, Special Skills and Summons are more than Magic. For some reason, we don't have many colorful Magic Skills but there was only one very important here.
Always check the status and cast the magic seal that's very important!

The Most Powerful Warriors

There is also worth mentioning about the warriors of Acheron Male Mates! If you meet them I recommend you give them a fight.

Before publishing the game we insisted to set no save in first 40 minutes gameplay. If we can't catch your heart in the time limit, then I only can say that we are so failure as we don't have enough ability to create RPG (Even if we love this creation so much...).

After arrival Males Hybridized Ifrit's Mating Lair and chat with Werewolf that Save option will start to work.

Alright! After finished the post that I also found some little bugs in the game (Shit! Not very huge damage though... lol) Anyway, enjoy & cheers

The personal RPG was published and updated as Maniacs version

Download Link

 Posted by Persona Group Plus

 Post Supervisor Archer



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