Volt Krueger's DEAD OR ALIVE:RYU HAYABUSA vs JANN LEE・Infinite Lustful Sky City Tokyo Duel


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I feel a storm is coming.
- Ryu Hayabusa -

These fists have never let me down in a fight. Before the story beginning, Jann Lee first encountered Ryu Hayabusa in the 2nd DOA tournament.
Hayabusa friendly warned him as he's a civilian about the dangerous DOA tournament. Since then, Jann had formed an indescribable special feelings for Ryu, they do respect each other as masters of their chosen arts.
In fact, Jann unaware that Ryu not only a purely strong opponent, but also extremely covet his young robust manful body of inexperienced, until Ryu finally rape Jann's virginity in the 4th DOA tournament...

In one night after the 4th DOA tournament, Jann involuntarily remembered what Ryu did to him in the 4th DOA tournament.
When they both demonstrated their mastery in nunchakus and engaged a friendly spar meanwhile, how he finally could not restrain himself and indulge in Ryu's Infinite Lustful Seducing Rape.
He couldn't help himself and went to sky city Tokyo... He already indulge in Ryu's Infinite Lustful Dragon Cock and extremely eager mating with Ryu forever.

Volt Krueger's
Infinite Lustful Sky City Tokyo Duel

Password dragon Ryu and pup Jann


Cinematic Edition

Volt Krueger's DEAD OR ALIVE:RYU HAYABUSA vs JANN LEE・Infinite Lustful Sky City Tokyo Duel


Alright, let's do this!

ビデオ制作協力 Volt Krueger

ビデオマッチドサードパーティコンテンツ SFMoneyshot GyakuRyonaMale

ピクチャマッチドサードパーティコンテンツ enlightendshadow

Volt Krueger's DEAD OR ALIVE:RYU HAYABUSA vs JANN LEE・Infinite Lustful Sky City Tokyo Duel was our 13th Trivial Project.
Once again, thank to Volt accepted our request to help us completed the DOA trilogy project. Let us have the opportunity to enjoy the fun of the video-making process and back into the game one last time.
 This time, we not only attempting perfectly presented the game fighting blood boiling within the perfect match blazing mating scenes, but also emphasized the authenticity of the story.

- Persona Group Plus -


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