Science Ninja Team・Gatchaman

Gatchaman is a very famous anime series. Actually I prefer its OVA characters design and art style. It's really upgraded from the TV series. Infini-T Force also owned modern animation should have the standard. But our project not what I mentioned above lol
Very sad that our new works was Gatchaman Live Action Movie 2013.

Ah, I must be honest to say that the movie story was barabara (JP = fall apart, I'm interested with Japanese language like boroboro, barabara, furifuri and so on. that's so funny lol) and actors totally not suitable for the animated characters modeling at all (Where the fuck is Swan G3? That's my first question while watching the movie.)...

Anyway, I don't criticize how the movie went wrong but we really made a very cool AMV or FAMV or... FMV(?) Whatever, name it as you wish lol

After I watched our Gatchaman MV, I can see our editors tried so hard to mislead audiences as if the film was a grand masterpiece. As my bad mood so I'm honest to write here. The film was no good! Pfft!!! But our MV was very Cool 👍 (Even if this doesn't make any sense...)

Before I recommend you guys enjoy our works, I have to say something here as my voice. Do not make live action films with our beloved animes anymore, great film makers, please.

Okay, enough my shit lol Enjoy our Gatchaman AMV! ☕️ Seeya🤘- Archer

Science Ninja TeamGatchaman

 A fan made AMV Science Ninja Team・Gatchaman / Images & Background Music Edited by personaapollo personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

 Posted by Archer



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