DmC Devil May Cry Finale:Dante vs Vergil

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Hello, Visitors!
Our newest DmC Devil May Cry creation published!

First ball,
I have to outline about Group creations; 
The best creative standard works in our Group is - always newest and high quality images,
no dubbing flaws (Images & Sounds timing must be stricter enforcement of matched) and most important - No copyright content editing skills!

In past 2 days,
time was running out to let our editors had a walking on thin ice feeling in this creation's whole making process...
finally completed the best short film works of DmC Devil May Cry!
And I praised it as the best works is because it is in full compliance with the above conditions!!!

Dante vs Vergil!
The last scene of the game was totally awesome!
But the best thing was not the original cutscenes yet!  
The best part is our editors let this cutscenes reached the highest realm!!!
I will not reveal any information lol

Dante vs Vergil

Image Editor: personaapollo
Background music mashup & Sound effects Editor: personasnowvilliers

1. Full video length is 5:47!
If you find out YouTube shows the video time length is 4:09,
Just adjust the quality to 480p or 720p that would be solved.

2. Game story will to be continued in Vergil's Downfall DLC!

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