Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence


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Hanzo Present!


A Lot Of Memories In This Place, They Weren't All Bad - Soldier 76 -
You Didn't Think I'd Forget About You - Reaper -


I have to say that Overwatch project is undoubtedly a 100% fangirl works lol
If you carefully watch Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence and Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours two works, then you'll easily find out they both are closely related.


In Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence part, just listen to Soldier 76, Reaper and Genji, the three male Offense Heroes words as if confided to their only one Defense Hero - Hanzo in the same scene of Sakura Fubuki under the moonlight.

And yeah, keep following that way and go there then go to Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours part...

Funny is, The lines of other heroes tellingly it seems Gotcha LOL So typical fangirl pattern, huh? lol All in all, it's a three male Offense Heroes and one Defense Hero romance (?) Lol I'm sure there are many artists would begin to showcase their talents as have sprung Overwatch fan art (?) Ah, already have alot... (sweats)

Additionally worth mentioning, if you search in the internet then you'll know a lot of Overwatch adult works being removed with DMCA.
Sometimes, don't go too far and accordance with the policies, then we could really relax and enjoy the fun of making videos, right? A sincere bow to our editors never cross the line.

OK, now let's enjoy these two works - Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence and Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours! You'll love these guys lol See you next project!

- Archer -

Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence

 Overwatch:Trinity・Heroes Resurgence

 A fan made AMV by
 personaapollo personasnowvilliers personacyparissus personahyacinth

Corresponding Works

Volt Krueger's OVERWATCH:THE LOST DRAGON・Hanzo's Untold Amours

Hanzo At Your Service!

Volt Krueger's Overwatch:The Lost Dragon・Hanzo's Untold Amours

A short film by Volt Krueger

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus 

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