Volt Krueger's Outlast:Miles Upshur's Mating Saviours・The Filthy Pederasty Twins


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It's so glad we finally completed the serious delay project Outlast:Miles Upshur's Mating Saviours・The Filthy Pederasty Twins.
Outlast, the unique game really can bring you to enter a bold and unconstrained forbidden zone.
The game itself already is filled with alot of entertainment genes beyond the limits of imagination. That made it easier for us to build game-based fan stories.
After we collected Volt's Outlast animated works, we also presented here a perfect alternative cutscenes as it could perfectly insert in the original gameplay story became an alternative ending or hidden scene. (If you played the game then you would very understand what I'm talking about)
Ok, enjoy our first adult works in 2017 Tell you first, this works was really freaking awesome 👻 
- Persona Group Plus -

Volt Krueger's OutlastMiles Upshur's Mating SavioursThe Filthy Pederasty Twins

Password Miles Upshur

 Volt Krueger's Outlast:Miles Upshur's Mating Saviours・The Filthy Pederasty Twins

A short film by Volt Krueger

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus 

 Song From Ai Cho Aniki Remix

Volt Krueger

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