Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Events III


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Event III story

"Did you see?"
Before Noel ready to leave New Bodhum,
He still did not know about Snow guys and his sex CD is already well known...
Happens at this point he met this temporal and spatial's Serah.
Noel's mind always surround this doubts and fears, when he everytime the face this temporal and spatial's Serah.
Noel was always worried Serah would found out about Snow guys and his amour.
But Serah seems already knew... She is always in front of Noel inadvertently come up with this temporal and spatial's Snow and Lightning's belongings...

"Did you see?"
Serah knew about Noel & Snow guys amour and also already been videotaping then made into sex CD.
But it just made her strongly want to feel this unspeakable experience from Noel's body.
Noel was increasingly feared, Serah is even more deliberately made ​​him feel increasing pressure and fear...

"Did you see?"
"Okay... I'll make it sure..." Finally, Noel couldn't afford Serah's threat.
He's too afraid of Snow guys and his amour will be published!
In that night... Noel back to the scene where was he & Snow guys once Orgy... Serah already in there and wait him.
Through Noel's every sex vibration to Serah's body, it non-stop passing with scene after scene of Snow guys and Noel's Infinite Lustful Mating visions to Serah.
Serah fully enjoyed the most blazing and aesthetic masculinity of Snow guys from Noel's body in every moment...
The Truth is always never existed.

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event III

Final Fantasy XIII Series Top Secret Event III

Story based on Final Fantasy XIII Series

Written by personaapollo

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