Netflix Original:Castlevania・Opening Title Extended AMV

Whaaat can I say? As usual, every time we get ⚠️ Blocked Worldwide alert project that we can only slow down for awhile and spend some leisure days. Netflix Original:Castlevania・Opening Title Extended AMV was my channel project. Now, my feelings is so complicated... too bad. (But why every time always me get this shit? pfft 🖕🏻)
First of all, I thought this just was a very simple project as it only need to edit some anime clips with original Opening. But I was wrong. Just tried my best to keep overall uniform and smooth that already let me exhausted. (The original Opening was very beautiful pencil sketch style animation, it means that I must to focus other anime clips effects in order to keep the works overall consistency. Learnt many transitions, zooms, glitch effects and so on editing skills that all couldn't use here and became alot of shit lol)
Then, background music was Epic Symphony (This one was really special! Thanks Snorre man edited this awesome BGM!!!)... For kept the clips smoothly went together with the music caused me dead lol
In short, paid so much effort just hope soon or later I can publish it on my YouTube channel. For now, there is nothing I can do and set it as a private works. 😑 - Archer

Netflix OriginalCastlevaniaOpening Title Extended AMV

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 A fan made Netflix Original:Castlevania・Opening Title Extended AMV / Images & Background Music Edited by personaarcher personacyparissus personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

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