Asura's Wrath 1st works And Your World Will Burn

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Heya! every vistor, welcome again!
This game style is totally crazy but never be the first one. 
If you can search a bit for the great caricaturist Ken Ishikawa (石川賢 / いしかわ けん) and then you will find out all of his works were the best pioneers!
Return to our works, lol This works is purely our experimental works. For our basic cognitive about oriental mythology, we never put heavy metal rock music with it... lol My older brother Snorre really did a great job!
In fact, although our editors Jesse and Jas were not very satisfied the clips editing (Perfectionist was causing trouble lol) but personally I really think the results was great! Its high views was the best evidence. (Until now, Jesse still doesn't know the reason why about the views result... lol)
Anyway enjoy! It will burn your blood boiling!

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Asura's Wrath And Your World Will Burn

by Snorre / Jesse / Jacinthe / Aetos

天上天下 唯我独尊
 Asura's Wrath And Your World Will Burn

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