Group's Interesting Final Fantasy XV Community Memoirs Part VI

4th Timed Quest will be open until April 27th. Continued from last post, we recommended Lambath Haven as the task's stronghold.  If still not camped here before, that will enjoy a special event with Noct, Gladio and Iris.

 About prepare for the task, trip around between Old Lestallum and The Maidenwater Parking Spot is necessary.

Now, choose the correct food in the camp and get ready!

Yamata no Orochi no aika

Noel Kreiss  Scales,
Reflecting the riverside night view as if an inaudible Kirakira song.

In the second glance,
Surrounding the hunter was littered with corpses of dead snakes.

Sadako and Kayako cried noisily in a repeating lamentable whisper 'Why you don't Gattai as we did?' (For details reference Sadako Vs. Kayako 2016)

The hunter smiled and pressed the button.
'They will never be Yamata no Orochi as they've less 3 heads.'

Only can heard,
One and another dying snake loudly wailing pierced the silence of the night sky...

Namuamidabutsu , 4th Timed Quest 130 times reached and happy for filled with Mega items. Dear Midgardsormrs and Hvitrormrs, thanks a lot! - Jesse

Knight's Prince? Knight's Princess?

Serah Farron  In the Japanese dub version, while Noct and Gladio parked Regalia in Lestallum, their conversation has always been my favorite in the game. lol
The approximate meaning of the conversation was;

Noct: Here is always so hot.
Gladio: Wanna take off your clothes?
Noct: Don't compare you with me.
Gladio: Too shy to be seen? You're so skinny after all.
Noct: Certainly not! I've abdominal muscles! Abdominal muscles!!!

And yep, I don't believe the English dub version would performance so interesting ambiguous conversations. I'm very sure about that - Jas

Master-slave? Friends? Brothers? Lovers?

Sherry Birkin  Genki? I really don't like to get pressure as distracting in the battle, but Noct and Prompto always have hilarious conversations as they're rescuing each other. lol Oh, I mean the Japanese dub version. (The English dub version is truly sucks! Omfg) That's why I love the game so much
I cite my favorite examples here;

Prompto: This is how the feel while rescued by the prince?
Noct: ... You can lie down again for a while.

Prompto: Are you calling me?
Noct: No! I didn't call you and also don't be close to me.
Prompto: You're so cold!!!

Prompto: The pain, the pain fly away.
Noct: It's more painful!
Prompto: Huh? I've worked so hard...
Noct: Normal just fine! Nooormal!

The 3rd conversation made me laughed so hard! I can't help but wonder if Prompto kissed Noct's forehead? lol (Oh, laughed too much then got snake bitten and wasted a Megalixir... shit) - Sherry

Trinity Snapshots Platinum Pack

Trip Around The Cities Snapshots Platinum Pack

 Old Lestallum sells three kind of precious mushrooms that can cook useful dishes. Must to collect them.

 If saved enough Gil, may be able to take a break and go to Galdin Quay once.

The Greatest Battle

Edward Kenway  If you ask me to choose which DLC will draw your attention, I might pick Ignis'. Not only the story background in Altissia but also what happened about the other side of Luna's Leviathan Battle? Pryna's death and what Ignis saw before he blind? This time Square Enix can't shy away the truth with simply NPC characters chat anymore. No? No DLC about that? Well then I agrantee Final Fantasy XV will fucked 👎 Very harsh but sad truth lol So I'll wait and see what may come after Gladio DLC. - Edward

Ignis Snapshots Collection Pack

The Longest Battle Snapshots Platinum Pack

Snow Villiers Snow Villiers Snow Villiers   What caused me a longest battle experience? This was a most What The Fuck moment that I never ever have in the game. Hey, I'm the guy who never back down from a fight! This is Snow Villiers, ok? hahaha So yeah, Niflheim army first, then beasts, snakes and ... fucking MA-X ANGELUS-0 all in once. And I really don't know What The Fuck I was doing until I spent all Mega items and got a Magitek Suit only. Yeah! Not V2! Fucking Magitek Suit only! I'll fight Y'all Motherfakas again! Later - Snorre

Noct Snapshots Collection Pack

Jake Muller  I prefer to fight the task at night. All the snapshots just get very good taste that I want. I have to agree this was a great opportunity to get Mega items, although a little disappointed for the task not higher than the 3rd one did. - Jake

The Trick Of The Snakes

Chris Redfield  It's better than 2nd task and I really enjoyed the whole battle process. But easily out of bounds resulting in the overall record completely blot out that's why I'm filled with rage and no reason to slap those snakes again and again. - Harlock

Yama's Snapshots Collection Pack

Piers Nivans  One and another DLC comes. I highly expect to all Final Fantasy XV DLC would really assist to complete the integrity of the main story as we predicted about Gladio Episode can be fully connected between Chapter 7 ~ 8. At least that would be a great start. - Yama

Aetos' Snapshots Collection Pack

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad  It hardly comes to an end. lol Compared with previous tasks I know I'm pretty addicted to this level. - Aetos

Moumuu's Snapshots Collection Pack

Moumuu  This is a photo when I used a Freeze. The snakes are weak to Ice! Can you see Noctis? He is wearing the ChocoMog Tee... lol

Moumuu  I cannot let go of the Ragnarok (´ω`)

Moumuu  The final blow of Trigger-Happy! I used the skill over and over again. The snakes are easy targets for increase the skill level (=w=)


Archer Hyur  Tomorrow will be a great day as Gladio Episode released. Still, just like each friend hoped, I only wish the DLC would help the game more popular. Okay, until 27th April our Final Fantasy XV forum will take a break and Plus team will take over next projects. Well then see you soon 👍 ☕ - Archer

 Hmmm Shirtless (?)

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