Trivial Project:Moumuu's FFXV When Does Noct's Hair Get Wet? Analysis

In Lestallum, The Legendary Royal Styling Gel Is Out Now...

It's hard to believe that already 3 years passed. Finally, Moumuu san published her latest GMV in 2017.
If you think that's just a normal music video while watching, then you're totally wrong.
It got me highly interested not only the GMV was full of dramatic and entertaining but also hidden funny ideas waiting for you to dig out. And that's why it made me wrote notes here lol

As a video editor angle, along with enter the GMV first part, that's really full of delightful feeling as we saw the title perfectly fusion into the game scene!
Then you'll find out the whole video was making by turned off the screen tips to complete, and that's we always setup the highest goal - the pursuit of perfection.

 Buy the Styling Gel in Lestallum! Create your own Noct's hairstyle legendary.

Following into the GMV theme, why Noct's hair won't get wet? Technically speaking, look carefully at the hair light and color, Noct's hair really was getting wet but the hairstyle never get damaged. We highly speculated that reason caused by Styling Gel. Slowly check the clips you can see Noct's hair was wetting but hairstyle still held as hell.
Final, you think that GMV clips just randomly edited? Hell NO! pfft That's so sad if you think in that way. Enjoy it with your heart, then you'll have a knowing smile as each clip has its own story.
As a video editor impression, at least the GMV's every clip needs to remake twice or more for rendering effects. Taihen Desu Ne・・・Moumuu san (sweats) - Jas

FFXV When Does Noct's Hair Get Wet?

 A fan made GMV
 FFXV When Does Noct's Hair Get Wet?

 Images & Music Edited by Moumuu

 GMV Plot & Actor Lines Edited by Persona Group Plus

 Article by Jas

 Posted by Archer

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