Trivial Project:Halloween:Slash Symphony・Michael Myers Memoirs

This was a simply music remix project which I submitted. Then it became a FMV that I didn't expecting hahaha Thanks Plus Team worked on it!
And as I said, the works highlighted the music as I made for privately enjoyment, so you'll very wrong if you think it's just a normal music video 👎
The edited clips used many epic scenes of my favorite footages from whole Halloween movie series. Combined with my remixed BGM that feeling was really... fucking awesome hahaha

HalloweenSlash Symphony・Michael Myers Memoirs

 A fan made FMV
 Halloween:Slash Symphony・Michael Myers Memoirs

 Images Contents Edited by Persona Group Plus

 Background Music Remixed by personasnowvilliers

 Original Music Source

 Rock Metal Performance by Skylar Cahn

 Orchestral Performance by Orlando Pops Orchestra & Aleksander Santi

 The Shape Also Rises by Alan Howarth

Basically, the original plot and character design of Halloween serial killer were freaking cool, I particular like Tyler Mane plays reboot version of Michael Myers. (personally, I really don't like the series always added nonsense naked scenes as it's never necessary but forced adding only for attract more brainless audience.)
And Baaack to the BGM, this main theme version remixed Rock Metal and Orchestral genres, so the FMV overall will give the audience very different feel when watch it. Alright, won't put myself up but you'll see I'm right haha Enjoy 👍 - Snorre

 Article by Snorre

 Posted by Archer

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