ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 3・License-less Rider & Heroes

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ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 3・License-less Rider & Heroes

whatsup, guys? Altaïr here aka personahyacinth =)
OPM third version edited by me with my star Jesse yohooo =D

since it has been carried out to the 3rd version we need to feature more different scenes from previous versions of course.
especially used the same background theme song ongoing same mv til 3rd time if i had no changing more that would be suck me, right? ha!

License-less Rider was my chosen one.
personally this guy really drove me crazy lol you can trust him completely but never count on him simultaneously pfft
his first debut scene really made me laugh but more and more later he began to confuse me. so weak but why so kept standing up to against a strong even he knew. he's so real as fuck but nowadays none like that, com'on hahaha - Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 4・Saitama & Genos

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