ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 4・Saitama & Genos

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ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 4・Saitama & Genos

Happy New Year! Dear visitors.
I'm One-Punch Man version IV main editor and also had work with Snorre completed version V.
And I solemnly declare version IV and V were different, really D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T *fire burning background*
OK, not so serious lol About my version not only corresponding to version 1 and 2 but also was an extended version.
From below 2 GIF reference files, viewers should be able to understanding how to enjoy the fun of seek the differences from version IV and V as a brain training game lol
Actually it's more and more difficult to edit new version since previous versions almost lured away great scenes... shit *staring at the monitor screen* But I really did a great job lol
Anyway enjoy my version One-Punch Man
See you next project! - Hope Estheim

ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 5・Genos & Saitama

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