ONE-PUNCH MAN Opening 7 Versions Of G.I.A.C.O.M.O. AMV Project

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Happy New Year 2016!
ONE-PUNCH MAN Opening 7 Versions Of G.I.A.C.O.M.O. AMV Project is our 1st project in 2016.
In accordance with established practice to pay tribute an awesome YouTube pal as a new beginning of group activities started.

This time we chose an popular anime One-Punch Man as our tribute project.
In fact, we also struggled for a long time because its theme song - The Hero!! copyright issues were really fucking annoying.
But we really didn't wanna use another songs to instead it...
Luckily found out an awesome metal rock singer - PelleK performed a cover version for it that's really rescued us lol
Solved theme song copyright problems, images editing purely was an easy cake on the table hehe

As the name suggests, the project had edited 7 versions to provide audience the collect fun as we did before.
Enjoy If you liked our Jurassic World and Big Hero 6 projects I'm guarantee you will totally love our One-Punch Man project! - Persona Group

The Hero!!

ONE-PUNCH MAN 一拳超人:OP Version 1・Saitama

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