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Selfless Mo0nX
Year and another year goes by, if someone ask me - what I learnt in the internet? I may only can say: Lie to me is not working, because I'm a great pretender. In the end, people never get anything from me.
When I really chat with people in the internet, I would try to feel the authenticity of their words with my instincts. When they start to call me dear friend, I'll start to put my heart and feelings to listen.
Trust and Betrayal both still got here, but real life is this way, there is nothing surprised about that. Point is you learnt life experience or not.
To be honesty, in addition to spend leisure time blog postings for the presentation of the artists, I almost did not seriously write the article for any artist or someone else. Michael let me make an exception once...
And don't look down every artist owned mature works I introduced, compared those arrogance Titan artists, They are more authentic and self style.
I'm very honored and lucky for met Michael. Give me free arbitration to upload his mature works. For only censored to avoid homophobes from posting stuff about his erection, I think Michael suppress his creative space a lot...

"thx for suggestion but i dont fancy agressive style.
I like my couples to be nice and respect eachother's body"

When an artist to maintain his works and creative ideas with his emotional, mature subjects won't be matters anymore. Michael is a very ordinary human but a great artist.
I'm very pride to say, My Blog is not a church, but Group members dreams of the sanctuary!
If you are interested in his works (or I should say start to interest his personality as a nice guy XD) welcome to visit his DeviantART page and to give a try to meet a nice friend. Sincerely wish that his career will be smooth sailing!

Article by Jesse
Post & Co-writers: Jacinthe, Sherry & Archer

Mo0nX / Michael

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