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Hazel is an original character, created by Mo0nX / Michael.
I'm so envy those artists can create their original characters with 3D programs! I hope one day that I also can do it.
Hazel not only a created 3D original character, but also has his story background. Look forward to him will has more exciting adventure stories.

Hazel, abandoned by his parents while he still was a child and left with his brother Tristan (which was 3-year-old, enough conscious to carry his baby brother in his arms) to an orphanage where they would take care of him.
Tristan was lucky enough to get selected by a group of mages at his very young age.
Unknowing what he would face he decided to go on his way to learn the secret arts so that when he will become old enough to take care of his brother left at orphanage which wasn't enough lucky to join his brother as the monks didn't accepted him due to his fragile age.

Hazel has been a shy kid most of his childhood. He never had the courage to say something to defend himself. He didn't had Tristan his older brother to defend him, so as years passed his emotions got stronger.
Later on the people working at orphanage saw that he wasn't a regular kid. While he was getting nervous his eyes would turn white and people around him would get hurt. Without knowing that the young Hazel had an extreme potential of magic affinity, they tried to search a way to help Hazel control his emotions so that it prevents unfortunate events leaded by his hurt soul to happen anymore.

They contacted the military people. Their idea would be that the people who works for army get special trainings to control their emotions.
Without hesitation they signed him at the military academy for the sake of other children that were making fun of him which caused his weird abilities to trigger occasionally.
There Hazel had a hard time to adapt, yet he soon found out that he can use his powers to have an advantage against other soldiers in a way reading it as a competition.
Didn't took much for Hazel to get promoted to the next ranks as he had fight potential.

Untill today, Hazel trained himself and he got stronger, wearing a true soldier body  he assigned himself the mission that one day he will find his brother Tristan to get answers to his questions which haunted him many years along his childhood...

Characters created & Story by Mo0nX / Michael

(c) All Rights Reserved. Works Design: Mo0nX / Michael
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Co-writers: Sherry & Archer

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