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Purely shared my How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review review to Group members:

Hmmm I do not know whether it is complete collected lol Just a purely personal collection hobby in it...
This time the sequel story is focused on the description of the protagonist's family history, interesting dragon racial classification, resist the invaders etc.
I am very glad to see the delicately firm friendship between protagonist - Hiccup and the dragon - Toothless in the first episode that reappear in sequel.
In How To Train Your Dragon 2, we can see Hiccup's spiritual path changing from a juvenile into a great youth with wisdom and courage.

Major turning point in the sequel, in addition to Hiccup reunion with his mother - Valka (Voice by Cate Blanchett), His relationship with Astrid's development, Withstand Toothless accidentally killed his father of grief (Stoick the Vast, Voice by Gerard Butler), Stand tall with Toothless to face the strongest enemy - Drago Bludvist.
To the end of the story, Toothless has become so respected the king of dragons, and Hiccup inherit his father's position of the patriarch.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 the overall smooth and compact story would make the audiences linger in its moved and colorful world.
More than just words lol
For now, just temporarily enjoy the posters, also look forward to the movie released worldwide.

- Archer -

嗯,我不知道是否是完整的收集 (笑) 只是純粹的個人收集嗜好...
這一次的續集故事的重點是主角的家族史的描述,有趣的龍種族分類,抵抗入侵者 等等。

在續集中重要的轉折點,除了主角與他的母親 - Valka (Voice by Cate Blanchett) 團聚,他與女主角 Astrid 的感情發展,承受龍摯友 - Toothless 意外殺害了他的父親 (Stoick the Vast, Voice by Gerard Butler) 的悲痛,最後挺起胸膛與 Toothless 一同面對強大的敵人 - Drago Bludvist。
直到故事的結尾,Toothless 儼然成為龍群推崇的龍之王,而主角 Hiccup 則繼承父親的族長之位。

多說無益 (笑)

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How To Train Your Dragon 2
Dancing With Dragons

How To Train Your Dragons 2 Dancing With Dragons

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