Final Fantasy XIV Jump! Archer

Straight Run version

Extended version

We create each video with two aims as always. One, we love it. Two, if people watch it then will love it. We always do we want to do and never care people's criticisms.
This one is very difficult because Final Fantasy XIV is a fail game... lol
But for us, it's a interesting test.
After you watch our works, you would think: (although people always say that it's a fail game... maybe this game is not too bad...)
Yeah, This is exactly our purposes lol 

Jump! Archer

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  1. Archer! :D
    I love this works very much ;)
    Thanks for your post! My dear Archer *a hug

    1. my noel(hugs tightly)we're not very closer in that time though but our tacit understanding already very well,haha

    2. Darling *hugs from behind xD

  2. ... =) i suggest that the next few days,we temporarily don't post the joint creations from them =D