About Resident Evil Creations II

This one we created with Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City clips combination.
 During create this video, we only got Resident Evil 6 1st trailer but when our editors edited those clips they were very keen to seize the key!
Because no one knows Jake Muller is the son of Albert Wesker in that moment! (Who cares him? Everyone focus Chris and Leon) but they edited a lot of part sences for him! cool (y)
Music editor still was my big brother and also I first time joined background music editing.
It's a interesting experience to me!
Enjoy this Pioneer creation and Thanks for watching!

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Images Clips Re-editing by: personaapollo

Background music Re-editing by: personasnowvilliers


  1. You did a so beautiful post, my dear Archer *hugs* and Thanks for your words *smiles* It's really a good feeling to be praised by working partner *laughter*

  2. It's so cool *o*
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    1. My back is swollen a Mahamudra -weeping... you're welcome...

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