Personal Leisure Creation ● MOANA:Of Sea Chosen Voyager

MOANAOf Sea Chosen Voyager was a Happy Birthday tribute works to our editor - personaapollo birthday on 10th Sep! Thanks to Yama and Harlock surprising gift! And Happy Birthday, personaapollo! Sincerely wish you all the best ❤ - Archer -

MOANAOf Sea Chosen Voyager

A fan made MV MOANA:Of Sea Chosen Voyager / モアナと伝説の海選ばれたヴォイジャー / 海洋奇緣

Images & Music Editor Yama & Harlock

Revision by personasnowvilliers

Music Source We Know The Way by Lin-Manuel Miranda

MOANA:Of Sea Chosen Voyager・Poor Pua Edition

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