Ready Player One:The Flame Of Awakening・幻の終焉

I know, I know, I did do it not too well... lol
Even I got the full clips but I didn't use them perfectly well.
Ugh, I saw Freddy Krueger and Gundam then just throw my money but the plot wasn't what I thought lol
I mean "Really? That's all!?" lol I don't wanna spit too much complain but it really can do better...

In the film, the spotlights were Car Race, Dance Dance Revolution, The Shining and the last battle parts (If you ask for spoilers lol).
My FMV was focus on the last battle and Daito summons Gundam vs Mega Godzilla.
Anyway Anywayyy
No matter what I thought about the movie, my MV still is worth to watch after all! lol ☕️ Feel free to enjoy and see you next project!🤘- Archer

Ready Player OneThe Flame Of Awakening幻の終焉

 A fan made MV Ready Player One:The Flame Of Awakening・幻の終焉

 Images & Background Music Edited by personaarcher personasnowvilliers of Persona Group

 Original Music Framganga by Danheim
 Remixed by Snorre

 Posted by Archer



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