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FINAL FANTASY XIII:AWAKEN・RPG is updated! Although it's just an inconspicuous - private only - RPG from the hands of beginner. But once I shared my unlisted works to - my Group friends only - I always wish to do my best as I paid 100% efforts in it. I don't like gameplay bugs, I dislike actor lines typo, I hate storyline mistakes and low-quality CG renderings (Especially low-quality renderings, I really hate those bad works to underground. You guys have the tools and abilities but you'd shown them so bad. No matter what you think, I felt each artist mentality at that time while I was watching their works. Some animators may not have good skills yet but they're full of fun.).
After I exchanged ideas and concepts with story writers I decided to update part I as Maniacs version (I don't like update, too. Because once I published my works, I hope they're perfect.).

I clearly knew there were many incomplete parts in the game. But some parts that are connected to part 2, it's really difficult to choose which story part should retention or presentation.

However, I'm very glad this update version complements all vacancies of part 1. Especially for the vivid character outfits change and upgraded final battle gameplay course.

OK! So happy I'm able to solve all problems of part 1 before I fully focus on the production of part 2. In fact, I had no any feelings while I was making it if you ask me about adult contents. I've to say that I never put it in mind. My talent is not limited to this tiny range after all. No matter what, everyone always wishes their efforts will be positively respond. Anyway, enjoy & cheers! - Jesse

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