Volt Krueger's Overwatch:Hanzo's Masculine Cowboy・Enamoured Infinite Lustful High Noon Mating


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Bad Guys Heads Up, Bingo!

I'm Your Huckleberry. Well, Now I'll Make You Feel Like A New Man - McCree -


Volt Krueger's Overwatch:Hanzo's Masculine Cowboy・Enamoured Infinite Lustful High Noon Mating is our 2nd Overwatch project works.
Personally, Hanzo and McCree always are my wishful dreamy couple since their debut moment! Be honest, I'm so overjoyed this works became reality.
Hanzo's Masculine Cowboy is continuation of the story of the previous episode - The Lost Dragon.
The summary is about after Hanzo had now been connected through Reaper, Soldier 76 and Genji three of male Offense Heroes, he continued his pursuit of male Offense Heroes journey. And then he unexpectedly encountered a boldly uninhibited hunk cowboy - Jesse McCree and could not help but enamoured his Infinite Lustful High Noon Mating, they non-stopped mating from the noon until the night came as Hanzo was aware of he finally met his the only.

Talk about the story writing, when we started to write the project story because we already had referenced the official game rules (It's a 6 vs 6 battle game, right?), so based on that, Hanzo still need one male Offense Hero even though he had met his McCree lol But I still have no any inspiration for the project third part as the remaining male characters of Overwatch not fit my taste... *sweats*
But for now, I'm really satisfied Hanzo and McCree finally are together Just let's sincerely wish they will happiness forever lol

Last, straight from my heart to say - Thank you so much, Volt.

Volt Krueger

Ok, relax and enjoy

- Persona Group Plus -

Volt Krueger's Overwatch:Hanzo's Masculine CowboyEnamoured Infinite Lustful High Noon Mating

Password Hanzo and McCree

How Do You Like Me Now?

 Volt Krueger's Overwatch:Hanzo's Masculine Cowboy・Enamoured Infinite Lustful High Noon Mating

A short film by Volt Krueger

Video Images & Background Music Edited by Persona Group Plus 

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