Final Fantasy XV:Noiseblaster & Gravisphere's Waltz II

Continue to the road of seeking Megatron that seems not so smooth 😈 Good luck to those who still not upgrade Noiseblaster friends 🤞 Lol - Archer

Vs Cactuars and Slactuars

Noel Kreiss  Why? Why must be Noise-bastard!? (I even not try to seek it before)
And... I sold Megatron item a long time ago... (꒪ ⌓ ꒪) ~Q
Now it's really hard to get it back from defeating MA robots (╥_╥) WTF... use Star of the Rogue instead of it. - Jesse

Serah Farron  Learnt from dear Jesse - Don't random selling unknown stuffs you get LOL I enjoyed each Timed Quest Whether is Exp, Gil, AP, Rare Items, Afro or Wind-up Lord Vexxos, feel free to name it as you'll smoothly earn it from task QP. Vs Cactuars and Slactuars task was really the fastest to earn QP one (Repeat playing again then again lol What can I say? Each play only spent less than 2 minutes, also I was very happy to kill those little green naked monsters)!

Also tried out to let Noct equipped many different weapon genres combo with Prompto's Gravisphere skill. Unless you already owned Noiseblaster Plus, otherwise 100 seconds around would be the task final result.

Overall, Lightning Magic Thundaga is the most appropriate auxiliary tool in these 3 Timed Quests. I have no any idea why people kept using Firaga since Tyraneant task, that's so speechless but declined to comment as their contest results were very good.

In short, don't be too superstitious to others tactics, trying to put the focus of the strategy on Prompto's Gravisphere, even if no Noiseblaster Plus still be able to enjoy the task with satisfactory results. - Jas

Sherry Birkin  No much time to play Timed Quests though... But Cactuar and Slactuar are my favorite monsters so I enjoyed to complete this one many times Whether Cactuar and Slactuar's crying or painful facial expressions all made me smiled lol

Cactuar and Slactuar's tears are very beautiful, isn't it? Try hard to get their painful crying snapshots also is a very high level task.

Along with more and more Cactuar and Slactuar were killed while singing Dumb Ways To Die, Vs Cactuars and Slactuars Timed Quest really was a most memorable task for me. - Sherry

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