MazinKaiser SKL:The Hell Warriors

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There Is No Point Waiting For Us In Hell, Because We Are Pure Hell!
- Ken Kaido & Ryo Magami -

MazinKaiser SKL:The Hell Warriors

MazinKaiser SKL:The Hell Warriors / マジンカイザーSKL:地獄の戦士 / 魔神皇帝 SKL無敵鐵金剛・凱撒 SKL

Images Editor
personaapollo & personacyparissus

Sound Effects & Background Music Mashup 

Music Source

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 Jacinthe & Aetos 
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マジンカイザーSKL / MazinKaiser SKL は、2011年1月28日から同年4月7日にかけて発売されたOVA作品。全3巻

From BAOH:The Visitor OVA released by Studio Pierrot in 1989, Shin Getter Robo:Armageddon OVA released by Bandai Visual in 1998 into MazinKaiser SKL OVA released by Emotion in 2010. I choose 3 similar shounen style OVA anime introducing to you.
In addition to more or less advanced CG application, you'll also surprised these original video animation (OVA) quality were already the same high standard since than two decades ago.
Here, I'm particularly appreciative of the project editors for their successful editing and impart new feeling into my favorite anime. - Edward -

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