Shin Getter Robo:Armageddon・Ryoma、Go!

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Alright! Continue my 2nd proposed project anime - Getter Robo!
If we want to study Getter Robo history, I'm sure that would be interminable... Certainly is lol
Getter Robo created by Ken Ishikawa, very unfortunately he passed away on November 15, 2006 already.
No need to mention his other series, this no warning of bad news made the Getter Robo Mythos a permanent hiatus and never ended in chaos.
Of course I'm not saying other cartoonists ain't good enough, anyway without the original creator's brushwork I just feel sucks!
Huh Did I say that? I didn't read the lastest Getter Robo series - Getter RobotHienThe Earth Suicide that's true lol

Ah back to the topic,
As I said, Getter Robo is huge, so I straight to the point to introduce the most perfect entry - Shin Getter Robo:Armageddon / 真・(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ:世界最後の日!!!
Story, painting work and characters design is simply badass as fuck!!! (Especially episode 1~3 and 11~13) Anyway I couldn't help to watch whole episodes in one breath lol
Ha! Particularly worth mentioning is that footages editing! For the complex storylines how to clearly organize a distinct mainline within 3 minutes video? Feast of the content guaranteed amazing!
Having said that if Shin Getter Robo:Armageddon is the series best entry, our works would be 100% perfect trailer!!!
You have my word, you NEVER feel waste the time to watch our works!
No bullshit anymore, check it out!!!


Shin Getter RoboArmageddon・Ryoma、Go!
Version 1

Shin Getter RoboArmageddon・Ryoma、Go!

Version 2

Shin Getter Robo:Armageddon・Ryoma、Go! /

Images Editor
personaapollo & personacyparissus

Sound Effects & Background Music Mashup 
personasnowvilliers & personahyacinth

Music Source
Loudness (ラウドネス)

Persona Group 1st corps members are 
 Jacinthe & Aetos 
and Archer 

Persona Group 2nd corps members are
Jake & Sherry
Harlock & Yama
and Edward

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『真ゲッターロボ 世界最後の日』は1998年発売の『ゲッターロボ』シリーズ初のOVAで本作はEMOTIONレーベル15周年記念作品、全13話。

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